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Diagnostic Imaging


  • GE Logiq E9

    GE Logiq E9

    Systems are available now with options such as 4D, Shear Wave, Advanced Probes, Strain Elastography and more. Contact us for details. Pre-owned probes are available for these systems.

  • GE Vivid E9 GE Vivid E9

    GE Vivid E9

    Cardiovascular Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems with Stress, 4D and 4V enabled are available now! Contact us for details

  • Vivid IQ GE Vivid IQ

    GE Vivid IQ

    Year 2017 Application SW:  1.2.6      System SW:  201701191720 includes pre-owned probe

  • GE Voluson E6 4D Ultrasound GE Voluson E6

    GE Voluson E6

    4D Diagnostic Ultrasound for today's demanding and progressive obstetrical and gynecology environment.   Contact us for complete details, pricing and specs.  We have several options available.

  • Planmed Nuance Excel Mammography System

    Planmed Nuance Excel Mammography System

    Planmed OY Mammography System Type: Nuance Excel  Accessories Included:   Nuance Acquire Station:----- Planmed OY S/n: ZJNAS 32977   Year: 10/14 Mammography X-Ray Unit:----- Planmed OY Type: Nuance Excel S/n:...