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Software Ver: EC 200
Permanent Options: Advanced 4D, DICOM, Sono IT
Advanced VCI, Elastography Analysis, Advanced STIC,
Expert, Anatomical M-Mode, Sono Biometry, BT Activation
Accessories Included:
GE C1-5-D Year: 10/13
GE M6C-D Year: 3/07
GE IC5-9-D Year: 4/10
Printer: Sony B/W UP-D897, HP OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer
DVD: Sony DVO-1000MD
Other Accessories: Power Cord, DVD/CD RW,
Condition: Average---Unit Powers Up and Operational
Hairline cracks around some button and switches, the console edges also have a few hairline cracks, the back handle is scuffed, the IC5-9-D lens is peeling, Freeze button worn, rubber around touch screen is bulging.

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