Surplus Equipment Purchasing

Simplicity is key - our goal is to make the disposition of your surplus assets as simple as possible.

Let us take the worry out of having to deal with your surplus healthcare equipment.  If you have assets that are no longer being utilized, not producing income for your business or have been replaced, call us today - we can help to turn your used equipment into cash and free up valuable space in your facility.

From a single asset to a complete room clean out, we can help!



Another option...

Consider consigning your equipment with us.  In most instances, we can increase the amount of money that you will receive for your suplus assets through our consignment program.  There are no hidden or added fees for this program and equipment is warehoused for free during the consignment period.  This program is safe, secure and most effective when if comes to remarketing your surplus assets.

Visit our Consignment Page now

Facilities are responsible for the proper management and disposal of the following materials: medical waste, radioactive sources; PET radioactive pins; biohazardous filled bags; pharmaceuticals; and all other materials considered hazardous under U.S. Department of Transportation shipping regulations. Equipment Placement Services will not accept medical waste or bio-hazardous materials.