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Womens Health


  • GE Logiq F8 GE Logiq F8

    GE Logiq F8

    GE Logiq F8  Software Ver: R 1.0.9 BuildView:ruralsw2_Spark_M3M4_release_view Permanent Options: Basic, Dicom, ColorFlow, Touch Panel Probes: GE E8C-RS   Printer: Sony B/w UP-D898MD Other Accessories: Power Cord,  

  • GE Logiq P5 Diagnostic Ultrasound

    Diagnostic Ultrasound   Ultrasonido diagnóstico Contact us for complete details. Envíenos un correo electrónico para obtener más información     Transducers available

  • GE Venue 50 GE Venue 50

    GE Venue 50

    GE  Venue 50 Software Ver: R4.0.7 Permanent Options: Needle Recognition, Ophthalmic Probes: L8-18i-SC Printer: Sony B/W UP-D898MD Other Accessories: Cart Power Cord, NZCart Docking Cart

  • GE Vivid I GE Vivid I

    GE Vivid I

    GE Vivid I Application Software Ver: 12.2 build 56 System Software Ver: 7.1.11             Hw: ETX PM-1400-1000            ...

  • GE Voluson E10 GE Voluson E10

    GE Voluson E10

    GE  Voluson E10 Software Ver: EC300 (BT15)         Permanent Options: Advanced 4D, Advanced STIC, Anatomical M-Mode, BT Activation Probes:GE C1-5-D     Printer:Sony B/W UP-D897 Other...

  • GE Voluson E6 4D Ultrasound GE Voluson E6

    GE Voluson E6

    4D Diagnostic Ultrasound for today's demanding and progressive obstetrical and gynecology environment.   Contact us for complete details, pricing and specs.  We have several options available.

  • GE Voluson E8 GE Voluson E8

    GE Voluson E8

    NOW AVAILABLE 4D system with pre-owned transducers Contact us for additional details, pricing and specs.

  • GE Voluson P8 GE Voluson P8

    GE Voluson P8

    GE  Voluson P8 Software Ver: Voluson P8 BT15 14.0.0 Permanent Options: 3D/4D Advanced,DICOM, BT Activation. Probes: GE 4C-RS           GE RAB2-6-RS   GE...